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Knowledge Transfer

  • Oct-18-2019 13:45 PM

Today businesses are driven by ICT solutions. Specstech Africa is one of Nigeria's solution provider with the primary goal of providing integrated ICT solutions that drive business operations with the implementation of efficient, manpower friendly solutions designed to maximize business productivity in a manner that is of great advantage to the Business Owner.


We will provide the following solutions:

Service Deliveries

Network security is a critical part in protecting an organization's data, assets and resources. This introductory course will focus on the fundamental aspects of security. It will discuss key concepts, protocols and the policies involved in establishing a secure network. This training helps participants further examine network device and infrastructure security in different layers, as well as take a closer look at common network attacks with tools and tips to combat/mitigate them.

After completing this course, students will be able to

  • --- Understand Network Infrastructures
  • --- Understand Network Hardware
  • --- Understand Protocols and Services
  • --- Understand Security Layers
  • --- Understand Operating System Security
  • --- Understand Network Security
  • --- Understand Security Software

Network Forensics Analysis encompasses the skills of not only capturing suspicious data, but also the ability to discern unusual patterns hidden within seemingly normal network traffic. This course will provide the delegates with a set of investigate techniques focusing on the use ofvendor-neutral, Open-Source Tools.


Course Prerequisites

For maximum effectiveness, attendees should have at least basic familiarity with TCP/IP networking and basic network infrastructure devices such as Switches, Routers, etc. Attendees will also be required to bring their own laptop.

No single product or service will provide you with complete security, but a firewall is one of the cornerstones of any network security strategy.

That's why we teach and create awareness for companies. 

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