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Facebook Hack why you should care

  • Admin yu
  • Oct-20-2019 07:09 AM
  • Software

30% of Nigerians if not 40% using Facebook use their phone number to open their Facebook account and most time this same phone number is what is used as password ladies are mostly a victim of this and this same phone number will still be displayed in their Bio, when someone want to know more about them or is checking their profile the person will have every details he or she needs.

We are all driven by the social media buzz these days especially Facebook. You have a Facebook account, you enjoy Facebook, you have 1000 followers, you care about your likes so much but you can reason on how to protect you Fb account:

These tips am sharing here I don’t think you can get them online cause I’ve studied the mistakes we make here in Nigeria its only those of us who started Facebook when Facebook was just a website that can say yes that opened their Facebook account with their yahoo mail.

I know I still run my Facebook account with my yahoo mail till date.

So please here are my tips for protecting your Facebook account. No account on the net is totally safe or private its only takes a matter of time the hack will come out and the platform or app will be vulnerable

1. Use your email address to open your Facebook: if you already have an account no worries this cannot be changes but I will still show you ways you can protect your Fb account against hacks

The beauty of using email is even if you lost your phone, you can still recover your account and not wait till when you do welcome back.

2. If you use your phone number to open your account don’t use your phone number as password and if you already using your phone number as password better go and change password to avoid stories that touch the heart

3. Don’t allow your phone number to be public in your bio if anybody needs you phone number the person should contact you.

Go to your profile and go to privacy and set you mobile number to been seen only by you and not the public Facebook made a provision for that most us don’t even know this…

4. Stop Giving people you phone to login to their account even if u carry your password for head. Something happened one day I logout out of my account and logged into a friends account and all of a sudden in her chats I was seeing a mixture of my friends and her friends all mixed up. I have to logout and login again before the thing could be corrected.

So, take note hacking Facebook is easier than you think.

5. The last but not the list I learnt this one from a friend a lady for that matter... please try to be changing your password every two or 3 weeks as often as you want it, if you check articles online they will tell you to always change it after six months but for me its very far.

I change mine anytime I feel like.

6. If you can’t remember the password write it somewhere when you need it you will remember where you wrote it..

I believe you learnt something..

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