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  • Dec-03-2020 11:57 AM
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The holidays always account for a big chunk of yearly eCommerce revenue, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made this a unique year. In this week's edition of The EDDit – our final post for the year – we highlight 8 up-to-date tips for making your holiday sale a success. OPTIONS FOR CREATING OFFERS THAT STAND OUT. 1: Buy One Get One (BOGO) to give customers double the value for their money. 2: 20-50% off store-wide to give customers maximum choice and exciting discounts no matter which product they choose. 3: Exclusive bundles that are only available during the holidays 4: All access passes that give customers access to every product on your site for a promotional price. 5: Rare deals like promotions on products that rarely go on sale (if ever), or deep discounts on premium or high-priced products 6: Free gifts and extras that boost the value of the offer, such as companion products, extra goodies like downloadable workbooks or creative asset packs, tutorials, exclusive community access, 1-to-1 coaching, webinars, VIP memberships, or bonus content 7: Tiered discounts that give customers bigger discounts the more they spend 8: Flash deals to give customers deep discounts that are only available for extremely limited periods of time – maybe even just a few hours. A successful holiday sale almost always taps into psychology in some way – in particular, the fear of missing out (FOMO). From the consumer’s point of view, one of the most motivating things about holiday sales is that they don’t come around often; They’re rare, exclusive, and something to get truly excited about. In short, the best holiday sales are events that customers simply do not want to miss. Use FOMO to your advantage by giving your customers exactly what they want – within limitations. That means limiting the time frame the deals are available or limiting the numbers of products available, something that’s often more applicable to physical products, but still doable for digital products (especially when it comes to things like membership signups, webinars and digital courses, and services, for example). The point of these limitations is to create a sense of urgency, enticing customers to buy now. You can also create urgency by: Using urgent language like “hurry”, “don’t miss out”, “limited time only”, and “sale ends soon”

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